Follow IEEE Events with iCalendar

You can follow IEEE @ LSU events by subscribing to our iCalendar feed on your favorite calendar program or mobile device.


Follow us on Google Calendar:

  1. Sign up for Google Calendar if necessary. It should be available for all Gmail and LSU Tigermail accounts.

  3. On the left-hand side next to the “Other Calendars” heading, click on the little arrow icon. This will open up a small menu. Click on the “Add by URL” option.


    Add to Google Calendars

    Add new calendar by URL


  4. Paste the following link into the pop-up box:

    NOTE: Be sure to include the http:// before the rest of the link. Otherwise Google will complain that this is not a valid link.


  5. You should now have IEEE events show up in your Google Calendar. Check your calendar often to see what cool events we have going on each week!


Follow us using your iPhone:

  1. Open the iPhone Settings application.

  3. Select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.
    Select General from iPhone Settings

  5. Under the Accounts heading select the Add Account… option.
    Select Add Account... Option

  7. Select the Other option.
    Add Account Options

  9. Under the Calendars heading select the Add Subscribed Calendar option.
    Add Subscribed Calendar Option

  11. Type into the box and select Next at the top right corner.

  13. Modify the name of the calendar if you wish and select Save at the top right corner.

  15. You can now see IEEE events in your iPhone Calendar!
    iPhone Calendar


You can also easily subscribe to our events using other applications. If you have questions or need assistance subscribing, contact us at

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